BIGHIT MUSIC Picks Group Leaders In The Most Interesting Way

It’s not just automatically the oldest member.

Although older generation K-Pop groups may have generally gone with the oldest member, times are changing. As leadership is increasingly valued in the industry, agencies have to be meticulous in choosing a good leader.

Bang Si Hyuk shared through an interview how a leader is chosen. When a debut team has been formed, the members will move into a dorm together. It is during this time that the group will provide evaluations of each member after three to six months of living together. This helps the company determine the leader of the group as well as decide on a direction for the group.

| BigHit Entertainment

TXT‘s Beomgyu also once shared that the members all underwent a trial period of a few weeks, where they would become leaders in rotation. The members would give points to each other and the one who was the highest-ranked would become the leader. He shared this little tidbit during a fan sign.

  • Fan: “Didn’t you say that you guys went through a leader test before debut? What do you do?
  • Beomgyu: “We all try to be the leader for 2 to 3 weeks each. Then we do up the scores together and the most okay person…”
  • Fan: “Do the members decide on the score?”
  • Beomgyu: “Yes.”
  • Fan: “But Taehyun said he didn’t do it.  Is it that you can choose not to do it, but Beomgyu, you wanted to?”

  • Beomgyu: “More than me wanting to do it, I just thought it would be okay to try it out once, and that it would enable me to understand how the leader feels later on.”
  • Fan: “Who did you give the highest points to?”
  • Beomgyu: “Soobin hyung.”
  • Fan: “Yeonjun is the oldest, but why didn’t he…”
  • Beomgyu: “That’s because the oldest hyung is doing well in his role as the oldest, and if he ends up becoming the leader on top of that, doing both would be…”

What an interesting way to determine a leader, and a fair one too! With all members given a chance to prove themselves, this is surely the best way to choose someone that can bring the group to greater heights.

Source: theqoo