Billboard says BTS and The Beatles have one thing in common

BTS and Big Hit Entertainment expressed their strong pride in the group’s fanbase at the post-Billboard Press Conference.

BTS recently held their post-Billboard press conference in Seoul, and there they shared their thoughts after receiving the Top Social Media Artist Award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

Big Hit Entertainment insiders revealed that their achievement in the Billboard Music Awards helped them grasp the true popularity of BTS, and that it gave them some insight as to how an artist’s popularity on social media can determine their overall popularity in America.

“This award is a very future-oriented award. The extent of an artist’s popularity on various SNS platforms can act as a measure of how popular they are in the American music industry.”

— Big Hit Entertainment insider

When asked about BTS’s fanbase, ARMY, Big Hit Entertainment insiders praised their loyalty and dedication to the group, and revealed that Billboard even compared the sheer force of ARMYs to that of The Beatles fans during the 1960s.

“[ARMY] has strong firepower and loyalty. Billboard even compared their screams to that of The Beatles fans in the 1960s.”

— Big Hit Entertainment insider

They further revealed that foreign media has been showing increased interest in BTS, especially because of the fans’ interactions with BTS on various social media platforms, as well as the growing potential market value of K-Pop.

“[Foreign media is interested in BTS because] they’re focusing on BTS’s ability to represent Asia and K-pop’s potential market value. BTS’s social media accounts and their fans have an incredible worldwide influence.”

— Big Hit Entertainment insider

Source: Xports News and Focus