Billboard’s Top 10 K-Pop Debuts of 2016

Billboard just released its picks for this years top ten K-Pop debuts and the list is lit.

Korean artists have been climbing onto the magazine’s music charts for some time with BTS and GOT7 recently climbing onto Billboard’s Year-End World Album Chart. EXO, CL, IKON, and SEVENTEEN also made it onto Billboard’s various charts this year.

The magazine has now announced their picks for the top 10 K-Pop debuts of 2016. The list includes fan favorites from this year including I.O.I, BLACKPINK, and NCT U. The list also includes newcomers K.A.R.D who have recently rocketed into the spotlight for their pre-debut single.

Take a look at Billboard’s full list below!


Billboards number 1o choice was rookie girl group, BULLDOK. The group’s debut single “Why Not” was released in late October and featured BULLDOK’s strong rap and vocal talents.


Cube Entertainment‘s PENTAGON came in at number 9. The group’s debut song, “Gorilla”, was released in October, but it was their latest comeback, “Can You Feel It”, that was the magazine’s song of choice from the rookie group.

#8 – K.A.R.D

Eighth on the magazine’s list is rookie co-ed group K.A.R.D. The group’s international appeal has skyrocketed since their debut with their house track, “Oh NaNa”, which recently made it into the top five of U.S. iTunes charts.

#7 – KNK

Seventh on the list is KNK. In spite of having just debuted in March, KNK has already begun to make international strides and appears on Billboard’s Must Watch Acts of 2016 list. KNK also broke into the World Album charts with their first EP.


Sixth on Billboard’s list is COSMIC GIRLS. The rookie girl group originally made its debut in February with their cute pop track, “Mo Mo Mo”. It wasn’t until their summer comeback and the release of their track, “Secret”, that the group began to be internationally recognized.

#5 – ASTRO

The bubbly boy band, ASTRO, made it onto Billboard’s list at number 5. The adorable boy band has already earned an international following and appeared on Billboard’s World Album Chart earlier this year.

#4 – Bolbbalgan4

Fourth on Billboards list was the duo, Bolbbalgan4. Leading with one of the most popular songs in Korea this year, the rookie group won over the Korean music industry with their quirky indie pop tracks. It was their hit track “Galaxy” that earned Bolbbalgan4 its place on Billboard’s list.

#3 – NCT

Next on the list is certainly a fan favorite, rookie group NCT. The SM Entertainment group has already won over a sizeable international fanbase with their debut unit NCT U, but has continued to win over fans with its sub-units, NCT 127 and NCT Dream.


Narrowly missing the top spot on Billboard’s list is YG Entertainment‘s rookie girl group, BLACKPINK. The rookie girl group has already gained a legion of international fans. BLACKPINK has also already made notable strides onto Billboard’s World Digital Charts with their tracks “Whistle” and “Boombaya”.

#1 – I.O.I

Number one on Billboard’s list was I.O.I. One of the most successful debuts of this year, it’s no surprise I.O.I ranked so high on on Billboard’s list. Their adorable track, “Very Very Very”, was the magazine’s choice song for the project girl group.


Source: Billboard