Billlie’s Tsuki Unexpectedly Cried During “South Korean Foreigners” Episode For This Heartfelt Reason

The reason behind Tsuki’s tears will melt your heart!

On May 18, Billlie‘s Tsuki was a featured guest on MBC every1‘s South Korean Foreigners, a variety show and competition where famous non-Koreans compete against South Korean nationals to answer questions on Korean history, culture, and society.

Promotional image for South Korean Foreigners with hosts Park Myung Soo (left) and Kim Yong Man (right) | MBC every1/YouTube

In the episode, Tsuki wowed the audience with her dance skills…

…and demonstrated her knowledge of Korean culture through various quiz questions.

However, at one point during the episode, Tsuki unexpectedly burst out in tears!

Billlie’s Tsuki on episode 188 of South Korean Foreigners | MBC every1/YouTube

It all started when another guest on the show, singer Lee Sejoon from the ballad duo Yurisangja serenaded the cast and audience with a special performance.

Host Kim Yong Man then noticed that Tsuki started crying.

The rest of the cast members and guests asked Tsuki about the reason behind her sudden tears.

The lyrics are a bit hard for me to understand, but… I’m so honored to be able to hear the song live like this. I’m so [happy].

—Billlie’s Tsuki

The song that Lee Sejoon sang, titled “I Love You”, is actually a well-known 1983 Japanese pop ballad by singer Ozaki Yutaka.

Ozaki Yutaka | Sony Music Records

Lee Sejoon’s cover performance featured a Korean rendition of the Japanese lyrics, symbolizing a bridge between Tsuki’s Japanese heritage and her career in South Korea.

Needless to say, Tsuki’s gratitude towards the performance was truly touching.

If you interested in hearing Lee Sejoon’s heartfelt performance that emotionally moved Tsuki, check out the full video below.

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