Binggrae Surprises Oh My Girl’s Mimi With Freezer Full Of Ice Cream

The queen of ice cream now has stock for the whole kingdom!

Oh My Girl‘s Mimi was surprised on Friday when she found a huge freezer full of ice cream at the studio! She took to Instagram to show off her huge gift from the Korean ice cream company, Binggrae.

International fans may know Binggrae from their local Asian markets. They sell familiar delicacies such as banana milk, Melona bars, and B.B.BIG bars.

When I went to the company, I found this super fridge! Just looking at it makes my stomach full, I’m smiling uncontrollably. Thank you, Binggrae! As expected, it’s delicious.


Fellow Oh My Girl members Arin and Hyojung commented on Mimi’s post saying, “Wow, thank you for the ice cream Mimi” and “Respect for Mim-PD~”.

Mimi is well known as the “ice cream girl of K-Pop”, as she is often seen eating ice cream all the time. In fact, much of her YouTube account consists of her enjoying various kinds of ice cream.

| 밈PD / [__-_____-_]mmmii/YouTube
| 밈PD / [__-_____-_]mmmii/YouTube
| 밈PD / [__-_____-_]mmmii/YouTube
Binggrae has commented on several of her videos, talking about the ice cream. However, in one of her most recent videos Binggrae commented that they wanted to send her a freezer of ice cream, and they delivered!