“What The Hell?” — BL Actors React To Their Kiss Scenes

JaFirst’s chemistry though ❤️

BL is undoubtedly one of the top genres at present! An acronym for the words “Boys Love,” it is taking the drama world by storm. There is no country more well known for producing the most viral BL content than Thailand.

Besides filming the actual show, the cast also promotes it heavily on social media. For instance, the actors of the latest hit drama, Be Mine SuperStar, recently reacted to their best scenes.

In this show, third-year film student Punn (“Ja Phachara Suansri) lands an internship on the same drama set as his idol, Ashi (“First” Chalongrat Novsamrong).

“JaFirst” were highly immersed while watching their heart-stopping kiss scene. Their eyes were glued to the screen with laser focus. At one point, First couldn’t hide his shyness, letting out a shy, “Oh.”

Ja, on the other hand, was smirking the entire time. It was true to his own character on the show as someone who was certain he liked the other man.

Come on, get kissed again.

— Ja

The other cast members couldn’t help but make fun of them, asking, How many times, really, Ashi?” and saying the wait was “worth it.” The actor in question leaned back bashfully, deflecting the teasing.

That’s not me!

— First

Like the supportive friends they are, the supporting cast declared the main lead’s kiss scene a success. They also joked that they should’ve pretended to slip on the snow in order to increase their skinship, emitting an amused, “What the hell, boss?” from Ja.

That was beautiful…[You should’ve] pretended to slip so he could hold your chin up just in case.

— Cast

Be Mine SuperStar spans 12 episode, the latest being released on September 18, 2023.

Check out the full video below to see more fun moments between the cast members!



Source: YouTube