If BLACKPINK Starred In A 90s Anime, This Is What They Would Look Like

Fan artists have turned “Kill This Love into an anime.

Fans of BLACKPINK and classic anime now have the best of both worlds, thanks to two talented fan artists!


hanavbara is an art duo who create anime-style K-Pop illustrations and merchandise. They have mastered the 90s’ animation aesthetic seen in shows like Sailor Moon and applied it to BLACKPINK’s new music video for “Kill This Love”.


Each illustration is created to look like a subtitled screenshot from an anime television show…


…and is taken from a particular moment in the MV, like when Rosé was chasing down her other self in this car.


The artists captured all the gorgeous details of Jisoo‘s fantasy shot…


…and added in some classic anime sparkles.


Every detail of the members’ outfits, makeup, hair, and accessories is included…


…and so were their individual personalities.


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