Afrojack Revealed He Wants To Work With BLACKPINK And BLINKs Are So Ready For It

A collab would be amazing!

BLINKs are cheering at the possibility of a collaboration between Afrojack and BLACKPINK!


The highly successful DJ recently sat down with E! News Asia to talk about his latest release. Besides discussion on his latest track, Afrojack was also asked if there were any K-Pop artists he wanted to work with.


Afrojack didn’t hesitate at all to reveal that while everyone was telling him to do something like BLACKPINK, he wanted to do something with them!

I was actually in the studio with Giorgio Tuinfort yesterday and he kept telling me we should do something like BLACKPINK. So maybe instead of doing something like BLACKPINK, we should just do something with BLACKPINK!

— Afrojack


With the thought of a collaboration between the extremely talented artists, BLINKs are already voicing their support and showing they’re anticipating a release!


A collaboration project between the talented artists really would be amazing. Learn more about Afrojack’s thoughts on a collab with BLACKPINK in the video below and keep your fingers crossed for a legendary project soon!