BLACKPINK Is Already One Of TREASURE’s Best Seniors, Here’s Proof

“We look forward to you guys.”

With TREASURE‘s debut last August 7, BLACKPINK is no longer the maknae of YG Entertainment! The girls are now seniors who look out for the boys continuously.

They showed their seniority when they appeared in Episode 4 of YG Treasure Box, the show that formed the members of TREASURE. The girls judged the skills, charms, and talents of the contestants, choosing the best five who would compete on stage against then-TREASURE 7.

We checked every video packed with skills and talent. We look forward to you guys.

— Jisoo

While they were likely tired due to their hectic schedules, BLACKPINK was full of energy during the episode. They judged the boy’s unique “gags” from Hyunsuk‘s impersonation of a child (“Him eating jelly got me attached”)…

…to Asahi‘s changing expressions (“He’s cute!”)…

…to Yoshi‘s voice skills (“That was cool”), everything was judged fairly and enthusiastically.

Moreover, when TREASURE dropped the music video for their debut song “BOY” on August 7, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé all posted Instagram stories to promote it.

BLACKPINK is already one of TREASURE’s best seniors!