Ariana Grande Revealed She Wants To Meet BLACKPINK At Coachella

Looks like Ariana is a BLINK!

With April fast approaching, BLINKs are gearing up for BLACKPINK‘s performance at the famous Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival. While fans are already excited to see BLACKPINK be the first female Korean act to take the stage at the festival, Ariana Grande might have just given them another reason to get excited.


A few months ago, Coachella revealed the final lineup of artists who would be performing and among those on the list were BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande, although the two acts were set to perform on separate days.


Even though they’re performing on separate days, it looks like they might be meeting up anyway! A fan recently DMed Ariana on Instagram asking if she knows who BLACKPINK is, adding that she should definitely check them out if she doesn’t.


Much to the fans surprise, not only did Ariana reveal she knows them, but she also said she plans on seeing them during the second week of the festival!


Now the conversation is going viral with many BLINKs freaking out about the fact that Ariana is a BLINK too!


Meanwhile, Ariana Grande will be performing at Coachella on April 14 and 21 while BLACKPINK will be performing on April 12 and 19 — the same day as legendary artists like Childish Gambino, Janelle Monae, The 1975, Diplo, and more.


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