BLACKPINK Were Asked To Choose Their Hardest Choreography And They Were In Complete Agreement

They chose the exact same song without hesitation!

From the moment they debuted, BLACKPINK have been absolutely killing it up on stage! They’ve left fans breathless countless times with their mesmerizing dance move and while BLINKs know that a whole lot of hard work and practice goes into each and every one of their performances, the members recently revealed which choreography is their hardest.


Ahead of their appearance on JTBC‘s Stage K, BLACKPINK recently gave an interview where they not only talked about their favorite choreographies but also their hardest!


When it came time to announce their hardest choreography, they counted down and all named the exact same song, “Whistle”!

3, 2, 1! ‘Whistle’!



Despite it being their first title track, they still have to practice hard to perform this song!

Still, even now we practice this song. When I sing this I’m out of breath!

— Jisoo and Jennie


And they revealed it’s all the small little gestures that make “Whistle” so difficult!

I feel like I have abs when I perform this. There are a lot of gestures, especially small ones.

— Lisa and Rosé


But even if they think this song is the hardest, all their dedicated practice time has definitely pulled off because their performances are always flawless! Check out what else they had to say about their difficult dance moves and more in the video below.