Chinese BLINKs Donated More Than 2,800 BLACKPINK Albums To South Korean Students

The sweetest gift ever!

Chinese BLINKs recently made one of the sweetest donations to their fellow BLINKs ever!


Since it’s release, BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love” EP has broken record after record, made us all fall even further in love with BLACKPINK, and simply made BLINKs everwhere celebrate even more outstanding music. And to share the love, Chinese BLINKs helped bring that EP to even more fans!


BLACKPINK Bar, China’s biggest BLACKPINK fanbase, recently revealed that high school students from Samil High School in South Korea received a package of 1,600 albums thanks to donations made by Chinese BLINK.


Students at Samil High weren’t the only ones to receive some albums from their fellow BLINKs either! Students at Daejin High School also received a care package of 1,249 “Kill This Love” albums!


Since hearing the news, many BLINKs have been thanking BLACKPINK Bar and Chinese BLINKs for spreading the love to all those students!


The special gift truly is heartwarming!