BLACKPINK’s BLINKs Are The Most Upset About YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group

Can you blame them?

Recently, rumors began spreading that YG Entertainment will be debuting a new girl group this year.  Fans were quick to find their copyrights for the names BABY MONSTERS and BAEMON, both of which could potentially be the name of the new group.

However, reactions to this news have been far from pleased, especially from fans of BLACKPINK.

BLINKs have taken to Twitter to express their anger about the situation. Many of them are making comparisons between BLACKPINK and 2NE1, who were abruptly disbanded without their former knowledge soon before YG Entertainment debuted BLACKPINK.

It’s understandable for fans to be upset – after all, BLACKPINK hasn’t had a comeback in nearly a year, and it seems to keep getting postponed indefinitely without any solid date set. Fans have also been asking for solo debuts for the members, but only Jennie has been allowed one so far, and the group has yet to produce a full album.

Hopefully the debut of YG Entertainment’s new girl group won’t cast shade on BLACKPINK, and BLINKs will get to see their girls being properly treated soon.