BLACKPINK Befriended Celebrities At Coachella, And They’re Total A-Listers

Stars meeting stars.

One of BLACKPINK‘s most highly publicized events was when they performed at Coachella on April 2019. It was a memorable experience not just for their fans but for the members themselves.

What must have made Coachella extra special for BLACKPINK was meeting several famous celebrities.

They revealed on the Zach Sang Show that there were two A-list celebrities who went out of their way to befriend them!

The first was singer Jaden Smith

…and the second was American DJ Diplo.

According to the Rosé, Jaden Smith and Diplo waited backstage to meet them.

Jaden Smith and Diplo actually waited out near our caravan to say ‘hi’.

– Rosé

Jennie remembered how they were able to meet because they were in between Jaden Smith’s and Diplo’s performances.

We were in between their performances, so we got to say ‘hi’.

– Jennie 

What struck Rosé the most was how kind both of them were.

They were, like, really really kind. They were so down to earth—way more than we would expect them to be.

– Rosé

Jaden Smith and Diplo were excited to meet them, but the girls felt as if it were the other way around!

They were so happy to see us when we were all star struck. We were like, ‘Hi!’

– Rosé

Lucky for fans, they made sure to snap a picture with BLACKPINK before parting ways.

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Coachella was definitely memorable for everyone! Who else wants BLACKPINK to collab with these two celebs?

Source: Zach Sang Show