BLACKPINK Were Chased By US Media During Their Free Time And BLINKs Are Not Happy

BLINKs are asking more bodyguards be assigned to them after the incident:

BLINKs have been enjoying seeing how much fun BLACKPINK are having in Los Angeles, California. They’ve been loving all the amazing content shared by them, their fellow BLINKs, and through media coverage. But BLACKPINK also had one experience that is making BLINKs very upset.


A few days ago, media channel Hollywood Fix shared a video of BLACKPINK having a meal at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. When they left the restaurant, the cameraman was seen getting extremely close to the members and continually asked them question after question even when they reached their van.


BLINKs were quick to notice how uncomfortable they looked and began calling out Hollywood Fixer for their behavior.


Fans were also very upset that BLACKPINK had to experience something like that and worried that they could experience more behavior like this in the future.


Although Hollywood Fixer has not commented on their behavior, BLINKs are hoping they can get an apology. Meanwhile, BLINKs are also hopeful that BLACKPINK will get more security to help in case situations like this arise in the future.


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