The Mystery Behind The BLACKPINK Helicopter Pad At “Coachella” Is Now Fully Solved

Fans thought it was for something else.

There were many theories and predictions surrounding BLACKPINK‘s 2023 Coachella performance prior to them hitting the stage.

Fans couldn’t keep their excitement contained as soon as they heard the news that the four-member group will be headlining the April 15 and 22 days of the festival.

They wondered how BLACKPINK would up the ante of their performance compared to their past stages, especially considering the success of their 2019 Coachella appearance. One big prediction was that the members might even open up their set from the sky.

This came about when a photo of a helicopter pad with BLACKPINK’s logo on it was passed around online.

They questioned the official use of the pad and whether or not it might play a role in the group’s actual performance.

Though the grand helicopter entrance of the group was debunked the moment BLACKPINK appeared on the main stage, the reason for the pad itself was revealed in Jennie‘s latest vlog.

It turned out that the “Solo” singer travelled solo to the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert, California, via a private helicopter. The helicopter pad wasn’t there to serve as a stage prop but as a sign that the K-Pop idol was extra welcomed by the organizers.

Jennie was the only BLACKPINK member on the vehicle flying towards the Coachella location. It was unclear if Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé took their own helicopter before or after her arrival.

Based on Jennie’s vlog, it was obvious that she was treated like royalty from start to finish—including touching down on a piece of land that had her group’s name printed on it.

Check out the full vlog below to see more of Jennie’s activities on the week of Coachella.

Source: YouTube