BLACKPINK’s “Coachella 2023” Creative Director Advocates For One Improvement For BLINKs Ahead Of Weekend Two

The team is working toward a better online viewing experience.

BLACKPINK is two days away from their second headlining performance at Coachella 2023 after they completed an unforgettable set on Saturday, April 15.

(From left:) BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

The group performed an electrifying 18-song set, showcasing their talents as a group and individually as each member performed special solo stages.

BLACKPINK reportedly performed to a crowd of over 125,000 people, which would make it a record-breaking audience for Coachella, and reportedly gained 250 million virtual viewers that tuned in via live stream during the show.

Those who attended and viewed the performance online were blown away by the high-level production, the BLACKPINK members’ captivating stage presence, and of course, Jisoo, JennieRosé, and Lisa‘s talent.

BLACKPINK’s weekend one crowd at “Coachella 2023” | Coachella/YouTube

The group carefully and effortlessly navigated the few setbacks encountered during their live performance.

From Jennie’s smooth communication to the crew that something was off with her in-ear monitor to two of the professional dancers (including the set’s creative director, Kiel Tutin) improvising choreography when props were misplaced at the last minute, their professionalism impressed netizens and proved their status as global leaders in the music industry.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Praise poured in during and following the performance, and BLINKs and locals were proud of BLACKPINK’s historical performance.

There was one resounding issue many livestream viewers had with the performance, which had nothing to do with the group.

Many voiced disappointment in the camera work for the livestream, stating that the camera focused on individual members many times and often missed key points of the choreography.

A BLINK commented about the camera work on Kiel Tutin’s Instagram, sharing that they appreciated the show but agreed that the camera work made it difficult to see the choreography.

Tutin graciously responded, assuring BLINKs that they were sorting the issue, adding emojis that implied the creative team was also dissatisfied with the Coachella livestream’s camera work.

Hopefully, BLINKs will have a better livestream view of the set in all its glory during BLACKPINK’s second performance on Saturday, April 22 (PST).

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