Close-Up Cam of Lisa’s Solo Dance at BLACKPINK’s Recent Concert in LA Goes Viral

It has already hit nearly 5 million views on Twitter.

BLACKPINK recently killed it at their concert in LA, and close-up cam footages of their killing performance were uploaded all over social media soon as the concert ended.

There were many notable highlights, but the footage that drew the most attention was Lisa‘s solo performance of “Swalla” which was captured from very close up.

On this evening, Lisa looked stunning with a high ponytail, a sexy top, and short shorts that highlighted her outstanding dancing skills.

In accordance with the very upbeat song, Lisa showed off a very powerful rendition of Jason Derulo‘s song while maintaining a chic look on her face.

Despite the choreography not being easy, Lisa managed to make the dance look effortless while eliciting the desire to dance in all who watched the performance.

As soon as this close-up cam of Lisa was shared on Twitter, it went viral and it’s currently approaching 5 million views after just 5 days.

Check out Lisa’s amazing dancing skills in the footage below:

Source: Insight