BLACKPINK Couldn’t Stop Their Tears From Falling As They Recalled Their Difficult Times During Trainee Days

Contrary to the belief of skeptics, BLACKPINK’s success wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter.

BLACKPINK took the world by storm when they debuted on August 8, 2016.

During this moment, people worldwide started to call themselves “BLINKs” to represent the name of BLACKPINK’s fandom. They started to amass millions of fans since then…

…but contrary to the belief of many skeptics, BLACKPINK’s success wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter.

Lisa, the group’s dancer who hails from Thailand, ventured to South Korea in the pursuit of her dreams.

She didn’t speak a word of Korean when she arrived in Korea in 2011, but she’s fluent in the language today.

Jennie trained for six years and she made sure to give it her best shot during their trainee days.

Jisoo stuck with YG Entertainment even when she was scouted by an SM Entertainment casting agent when she was a trainee.

Rosé travelled from her rural town in Australia to the metropolitan city where YG Entertainment held their audition. It was difficult for her but she didn’t let trials affect her journey to being a well-loved celebrity and musician today.

Their trainee days were full of hardships because they would go to work at noon, and then finish at 2:00 am the next day.

During that time, they had to take a lot of lessons in several specialties because they needed to be well-rounded artists.

Rose and Jisoo expressed that they often think about their trainee days because they had a lot of homework to do during those times.

Because of their emotional conversation, Rosé couldn’t stop her tears from falling…

…especially when she mentioned that she missed her parents badly during those times. Naturally, her three close friends comforted her by saying she “did well”…

…and that they all understood her because their trainee period was such a tough time for all of them.

It’s been a grueling couple of years, but BLACKPINK is coming back this month, stronger than ever. The only question left is: are you ready, BLINKs?

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