BLACKPINK Created Weibo Accounts And Couldn’t Hide Them For Long

BLINKs were quick to find them all and skyrocket their followers.

After waiting over a year for the return of BLACKPINK, the group is finally making their long-awaited comeback on June 26 of this month with a pre-release single.

With the release roughly two weeks away, fans found something that the members were keeping under wraps.

To follow Lisa‘s lead and further reach their Chinese fans, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé created Weibo accounts. Although they didn’t officially share the accounts anywhere, that didn’t stop fans from discovering them.

To keep their accounts similar to their Instagrams, making them easier to find, the girls have carried over the same usernames with little tweaks. Jisoo included her name in Chinese, leaving the rest of her profile blank.

Rosé decided to add a personal touch to hers, including her birthday in her profile section.

Despite not uploading any posts or profile images, fans didn’t hesitate to follow the accounts. So far, Jisoo has nearly 420,000, Rosé over 393,000, and Jennie over 422,000 followers supporting them.

Since the accounts will most likely be used close to their comeback, sharing behind-the-scenes photos and posts to communicate with fans, they’ll soon have millions like Lisa.

Until then, BLINKs will be waiting to see what they have in store.