BLACKPINK Cringed At Their Own “Ending Fairy” Scene—And They’re One Of Many Groups Who Reacted The Same Way

It’s not easy to be an ending fairy!

BLACKPINK recently performed their latest single, “Pink Venom,” on SBS‘s Inkigayo. One of the main parts that fans discussed was their ending fairy scene at the end of the performance.


“Ending Fairy” refers to the last part of a music show stage when the camera zooms into a singer for several seconds. It is the ideal time for them to show off their visuals and expressions.

BLACKPINK had a particularly long scene as each member was given the spotlight after they wrapped up their “Pink Venom” stage.

SBS later released a video that showed viewers their stage in a fancam version. After each one’s turn, BLACKPINK was seen cringing at the expressions they just did in front of the camera!

Jisoo, for instance, couldn’t help but react even before the others finished their turn. She covered her mouth while laughing and clenched her fists in embarrassment.

She then turned to Lisa and they both couldn’t help but let out a shy laugh.

The end couldn’t come soon enough for the girls. As soon as the camera turned off, Jisoo clutched her head and let out a frustrated shout.

Though embarrassed, they all killed it with their ending fairy moments!

This isn’t the first time K-Pop idols found it awkward to film ending fairy close-up shots. Considering that it became a trend only in 2016, senior singers like Super Junior‘s Heechul had a difficult time adapting.

He went viral for not just one, but two “awkward” times he couldn’t keep eye contact with the camera.

Other K-Pop idols also couldn’t help but giggle during their turns such as VIXX‘s Leo

Brave GirlsYuna

…and DAY6.

Some, like SHINee‘s Key and Red Velvet‘s Wendy, jokingly copied the hard breathing that idols can’t help but be seen doing at the end of each tough choreography.

UP10TION‘s Khun further once told a fan that it was “really embarrassing and awkward” to shoot the ending fairy scene.

Even idols like EXO‘s Baekhyun have mentioned that it’s not as easy to do as fans may think.

One thing is certain though, K-Pop idols always give it their all no matter what!