The Reality Of BLACKPINK’s Damaged Hair, As Revealed By The Members Themselves

They opened up about their hair concerns several times.

There’s no doubt that BLACKPINK often goes viral for their gorgeous visuals. To switch up their concepts for different events, they have tried various cuts and colors. Lisa, for instance, tested a refreshing pink updo and sophisticated blonde look all in the span of a few months.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

BLINKs unsurprisingly have concerns about the health of BLACKPINK’s scalp and hair due to how often they change it. Their concerns escalated after a new Lilifilm Official video was released featuring Lisa’s experience at the Spring-Summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week.

Here, Lisa’s hair was being cut right before the CELINE show. More than liking the style itself, the BLACKPINK dancer was happy to be trimming her hair to get rid of its split ends.

My hair has been damaged a lot so I wanted to cut it and now I got the chance to do it.

— Lisa

She even compared it to grass due to how dry it was.

My ends are so damaged so it’s like grass.

— Lisa

This is not the first time BLACKPINK’s hair has been the center of attention. Lisa previously admitted that her dyed locks from the “LOVESICK GIRLS” era caused long-term damage.

You know how I bleached my hair here for ‘Lovesick Girls’? [It’s now] damaged.

— Lisa

One of the stylists from the salon the group patronizes further shared the grueling process that Jennie went through to achieve her iconic two-toned “How You Like That” hairdo.

It took two days to bleach out the color. We would bleach the hair then do treatment. Over and over again. It took a total of 18 hours to get the iconic highlights.

— Hair Stylist Cha Cha

Jennie | BLACKPINK/YouTube

She removed the blonde highlights due to her sensitive scalp less than two weeks after getting them. Since frequent dyeing takes a toll on Jennie’s hair, she can usually only color it for a short period of time.

I started to like this hair color, but my scalp is very sensitive and it’s too hard to take care of it.

— Jennie

Check out the full video below to learn about Lisa’s Paris trip and her hair concerns in detail.

Source: YouTube