BLACKPINK And Dua Lipa Are Making Everyone Melt With Their Behind-The-Scenes At The Newark Concert

Everyone is especially melting over Dua Lipa’s special message to BLACKPINK:

When Dua Lipa surprised everyone by taking the stage with BLACKPINK at their In Your Area Newark concert, the whole world was in love with the epic moment. But fans have just gotten a behind-the-scenes look into their performance, and it’s making the whole thing even sweeter!


BLACKPINK just dropped their latest BLACKPINK Diaries episode in which BLACKPINK share even more of their amazing moments from their world tour, including some behind-the-scenes with Dua Lipa!


Although their performance together was a complete and utter surprise for fans, during the episode, Dua Lipa revealed exactly how it all came about. As it turns out, Dua Lipa might not have performed at all with BLACKPINK if not for a friend and her own brilliant idea!

Basically, a friend of mine told me that BLACKPINK was performing in Newark and said that we should go. And  I was like wait, maybe I should get up there and do ‘Kiss and Make Up’ with them. So I sent them a message. That’s kind of how it happened.

— Dua Lipa


Thankfully, everything worked out and we not only got an amazing performance…


But also a ton of sweet moments. As Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK took fans even farther into their performance together, we got to see amazing moments like when they first met up on stage for rehearsal…


And the incredibly touching moment when BLACKPINK gave Dua Lipa some of their merch before doing a cheer right before hitting the stage!


Although every single one of the behind-the-scenes moments has been hitting fans right in the feels, Dua Lipa’s words to BLACKPINK have really been making hearts flutter and it’s not hard to see why!

Soundcheck was so fun and it was easy. I mean we just kind of ran the song a couple of times together and knew exactly what we were doing and were ready to go. Queens, I love you! You guys are so amazing, talented, and beautiful. I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you. Sending you lots of love!

— Dua Lipa


With these amazing moments between them, fans are melting even more for their adorable friendship. Check out all the moments they had together as well as many more in the video below: