BLINKs Are Putting On Their Detective Caps To Uncover BLACKPINK’s Epic Collaboration

A series of hints have been released for BLINKs to decipher.

BLINKs have discovered clues about BLACKPINK‘s upcoming epic collaboration and now fans are ready to do a little detective work to get to the bottom of it all!


Three days ago, Andrew Oh the Chief of Future Strategic Planning at the Paradise City Hotel and Resort in Korea, shared a photo of BLACKPINK on his Instagram page with a cryptic message telling BLINKs to stayed tuned for an epic collaboration.

“BLACKPINK & Paradise City. Epic Collaboration coming soon in just a few weeks! Will be releasing more information, so please stay tuned.”

— Andrew Oh


The next day, he added on to his post by uploading a second picture of Jennie. This time he revealed a hint for fans to puzzle out.

“BLACKPINK & Paradise City epic collaboration hint #1, ‘Don’t you know your Queen?’ -Michael Hadreas-”

— Andrew Oh


Fans had already started guessing what the epic collaboration could possibly be when he posted a second hint for BLINKs.

“BLACKPINK & Paradise City epic collaboration hint #2, ‘Follow the Deer and…?!'”

— Andrew Oh


Now detective BLINKs are trying to uncover what these clues mean. Some fans think it means that BLACKPINK is having a comeback soon and will be collaborating with another great artist.


Some fans think it’s more likely they will be shooting something at the hotel, like a CF.


Many BLINKs have also admitted they have no idea what either hint is supposed to mean.


Whatever it is, as long as we get to see more BLACKPINK we’re totally excited for this epic collaboration!