Netizens Suspect An EXO x BLACKPINK Collab Is Coming, Here’s Why

Fans think this could be the biggest collab of 2019.

Nothing gets multi-fans hyped quite like a collaboration, and right now netizens are predicting one between EXO and BLACKPINK, based on new evidence.

If this “EXOPINK” collaboration were to happen next year, it would break the internet. Both groups slayed 2018 from beginning to end with their killer performances…

…brand new music…

…and each incredible comeback.


Although many BLINKs and EXO-Ls have been dreaming of an EXOPINK project for a while now, some netizens believe they’ve found proof that this dream may soon become a reality. Not only have they spotted “hints” in the similarities between the groups’ dance moves…

…and symbols…

…but now they have also discovered a more direct connection. Fans noticed that EXO’s manager, who goes by groovechaja on Instagram, is now following BLACKPINK’s Jennie.



Although this manager might just be a fan, he isn’t the only EXO staff member who is following BLACKPINK.


suerte._.sh531, another one of EXO’s managers, has also started following the BLACKPINK members on Instagram.


Although no announcements have been made, EXOPINK fans can’t help getting excited.





Will this EXOPINK collab really happen in 2019? Only time will tell!

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