BLACKPINK Fans Furious At YG About BLACKPINK Promoting Double Title Tracks

Fans are worried about BLACKPINK’s comeback.

Yang Hyun Suk originally announced that BLACKPINK‘s upcoming 1st mini-album, “SQUARE UP”, will have one title track called “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

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A few days before the album release, YG Entertainment announced that they decided to make the sub-track “FOREVER YOUNG” into another title track for the album. They claimed they were listening to fans’ popular feedbacks.

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“The sub-track ‘FOREVER YOUNG’ was slightly teased during Rose and Jisoo’s moving posters. After listening to the 15 second melody, fans expressed a lot of interest in the song, calling it ‘unbelievable quality’. After taking into consideration these popular opinions of the fans, we decided to make the album have double title-tracks with ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ and ‘FOREVER YOUNG’.” — YG Entertainment


However, many fans claimed otherwise as they expressed their frustration about how they’ve been begging for BLACKPINK to only promote one title track.

A fan claimed that BLINKs have continually commented on all of Yang Hyun Suk’s posts about BLACKPINK, asking for a single title track album.


Fans expressed their frustration, saying that it’ll be difficult to achieve record-breaking stats for two title track during a time period when so much is going on.

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“The time period sucks because of all the hype for the US-North Korean relation, local elections, and the FIFA World Cup, but I was still happy and excited about BLACKPINK’s comeback… But two days before the comeback, they suddenly claim it’ll have two title tracks? That means streaming count and music video views will be split between the two… Even foreign fans were getting excited, preparing to get 20 million views in 24 hours.” — Korean Netizen


They couldn’t believe that YG would announce that the idea of having double title tracks was popular among BLINKS because the fans have only continued to ask for one title track.


Fans felt they were being played by the agency as they doubted YG even read the popular comments by fans.

  • “Having double tracks is a problem, but I’m more angry about how fans continued to [ask for one title track] on Yang Hyun Suk’s Instagram posts about BLACKPINK, yet he announces it’ll have double.”
  • “I love BLACKPINK but I’m literally fuming. It feels like he’s literally cursing in the fans’ ears.”


Most were worried about the new album’s success failing to reach its potential height because of the two title tracks.

  • “Having 7 title tracks and 2 sub-tracks in one’s career is literally too much.”
  • “I know this through experience but it’s a problem even if the double title tracks are both successful. The label continues doing this sh*t afterwards too. There’s no answer to splitting view counts. It’s BLACKPINK’s first album… they need to stop messing around~”
  • “It doesn’t matter if the songs are great or not. BLACKPINK is just a rookie group that has a long way to go. How can you expect them to forfeit record-breaking stats… Just thinking about how the views, counts, and streams will be split in half makes my blood boil.”


Yang Hyun Suk received much of the hate as they blamed him for failing to market the girls properly.

  • “It’s no joke that YG’s called a treasure chest. He literally only takes them out and plays with them, then puts them back in, doing whatever he wants whenever he wants. Hyun Suk, please stop doing everything ‘my way’.”
  • “I’m not a BLACKPINK fan but a fan of another artist under YG. Whenever I think of Yang Hyun Suk I get cancer.”
  • “Teddy needs to be the new CEO. Yang Hyun Suk can’t get over his cloud nine since the Seotaeji and Boys days.”
  • “Hyun Suk has too much pride thinking anything that’s released from his company will do well~ He thinks whether it be 2 title tracks or 2, it’ll all do well since it’s from his company.”


At the end of it all, majority of the netizens were simply glad that BLACKPINK was finally making a comeback with their 1st mini-album.

“Let’s just be glad YG’s allowing them to make a comeback…” — Korean Netizen

Source: Star News and Nate Pann