BLACKPINK Each Has Their Own Favorite Late Night Snack, Here’s What They Chose

Which member are you most like?

When it comes to late night snacks, each BLACKPINK member has their own preferences. They all enjoy eating after a long day of work, relaxing with one another.

In the online broadcast to celebrate their second year anniversary, they revealed which dishes are their individual favorites. Check them out below!

1-2. Jennie and Jisoo

First up, Jennie and Jisoo both love ramen the most. The former explained that she craves for ramen more than any other food.

I can endure not eating jokbal, tteokbokki, or pizza, but when I smell ramen, it’s hard to endure not eating it because we have work the next day.

— Jennie

She once went five months without eating ramen. When Jennie was finally able to get a taste in 2 Days & 1 Night, she devoured her share immediately.

Jisoo agreed, saying that there are times when she doesn’t feel like eating ramen, but she later regrets her decision. Its taste always brings her back!

Sometimes, I decide not to have ramen. Like this: ‘What should I eat? This or that?’ And I have regrets: ‘Oh, I should’ve eaten ramen’.

— Jisoo

3. Rosé

Rosé, meanwhile, picked rice as the best late night snack. It can be eaten with anything—meat, vegetables, soup, and more.

She regretted not picking ramen like her other members, but rice was still a good choice for her!

4. Lisa

Finally, Lisa picked the most specific dish: lamb skewers. Her fellow members called her “lone Lisa” for being the odd one out, the person with the most “unique” answer.

| Sam Loyd/Unsplash

When it comes to food, BLACKPINK loves almost everything!

Check out the full video below!