BLACKPINK Can’t Stop Praising Filipino BLINKs—Here’s What They Love About Them

There’s a lot to love!

BLACKPINK loves their Filipino fans! In an interview with Philippine telecommunications provider Globe, they couldn’t stop praising their Pinoy fans.

When the host mentioned that Filipinos are known for being “very, very hospitable,” the members agreed.

They visited the country numerous times, the most memorable one being their In Your Area tour in Manila last 2019.

We went there for our concert.

— Lisa


They commented that their fans’ enthusiasm was palpable and infectious.

It was so great! Everyone’s energy was just wow!

— Lisa

When asked if there was a difference in liveliness between Korean and Filipino BLINKs, Rosé answered in the affirmative. Everyone could feel their heartfelt support, with her saying, “I remember it being really heated.”

Lisa joked that it was because the Philippines is “a really warm country,” both literally and figuratively!

On top of this, Jisoo added that she appreciates the passion of Pinoy BLINKs when it comes to enjoying their performances. They always go above and beyond in making them feel loved.

They also copied our choreography and songs…they sang everything in Korean.

— Jisoo

Rosé ended with high praise for their Filipino fans.

They were very talented, super energetic, and showed some ‘hot’ reactions.

— Rosé

They only had good things to say about their Pinoy fans!

| Globe

Source: FI