Fans Believe BLACKPINK Is Finally Filming With KBS

But the girls were filming for a different show!

BLACKPINK was recently spotted in photos that had BLINKs believing the girl group was finally making an appearance on the popular KBS show Guerilla Date.

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Guerilla Date is one of KBS’s most popular shows. Each show organizes an impromptu street date with a Korean celebrity and their fans.

It’s essentially a time when idols and their fans can interact with each other outside of fan meetings.


BLINKs were absolutely sure the photo BLACKPINK uploaded meant they were featured on the show since the crowd of fans was just like previous instances on the show.

The crowd of fans surrounding BLACKPINK looks a lot like the crowds that surround other celebs like Girls’ Generation Yoona!


Soon after the photo went up a few fans uploaded some clips from the event and BLINKs were even more sure that they must be on an episode of the show.


This sudden appearance on what fans thought was Guerilla Date had them even more hopeful that BLACKPINK would be making an appearance on KBS’s Music Bank sometime soon.

Since their debut, the group has yet to go on the music show!


Although everyone was so sure that the group was on Guerilla Date and that Music Bank was in their future, a few BLINKs noticed something that immediately made them disappointed. It turns out that the girls were not filming for KBS but for SBS.

Fans spotted the SBS logo on the cameras


Despite their disappointment, they figured out the girls were actually filming SBS’s Night of Real Entertainment.

Fans also spotted Jisoo holding a cue card with the shows name on it.


While Guerilla Date connects fans directly to their fans, Night of Real Entertainment boasts “a different way to communicate entertainment news.” The purpose of the show is to get to know the idols a little bit better while asking questions that fans want to know.

Each segment is followed up by a discussion by the celebrity panel.


Sometimes idols film on location and fans will flock to the area, so it really isn’t hard to guess why BLINKs first thought it was an episode of Guerilla Date.

When iKON appeared on the SBS show, they were also crowded by fans!


While BLINKs are certainly disappointed that the girls aren’t appearing on Guerilla Date, they are certainly looking forward to watching the episode of Night of Real Entertainment whenever it airs!

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