BLACKPINK Is The First K-Pop Girl Group To Set These TWO New Records With “Sour Candy” — And BLINKs Couldn’t Be Prouder Of Them

BLACKPINK + Lady Gaga = 100% world domination!

On May 29, Lady Gaga just dropped the audio-only version of her song “Sour Candy” in collaboration with popular K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK.

The collaboration between these two talented artists came about when Lady Gaga requested to work together with BLACKPINK for her album Chromatica.

According to Lady Gaga, in addition to BLACKPINK’s talents, she also wanted to work with the famous girl group because she wanted to empower women and they felt the same way.

Just a few hours after Lady Gaga released the audio-only version of “Sour Candy”, she and BLACKPINK have already dominated most of the charts in iTunes.

It started off as their collaboration achieving the number one spot in 57 countries…

…and now, they have successfully dominated 59 countries — and counting!

Naturally, a collaboration of this scale will not go unnoticed. BLACKPINK has actually set two new records in the history of K-Pop because of it.

Their first new record is being the first K-Pop girl group in history to reach the number one spot on iTunes UK.

The second record that BLACKPINK has set, together with Lady Gaga, is becoming the most-viewed female audio in 24 hours.

They have surpassed Selena Gomez‘s “Fetish” which held the title since 2017.

Considering that “Sour Candy” debuted at number one on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart, it’s no wonder both of these artists managed to set new world records. Needless to say, BLINKs all over the world couldn’t be prouder of them.

To listen to BLACKPINK’s chart-conquering new collaboration, check out the full audio below: