BLACKPINK’s Adidas Promo Seems To Do More For The Fitness Industry Than Athletes

Fans of the group were suddenly motivated to take up sports.

Adidas Korea released promotional photos of BLACKPINK and fans were shook over how amazing the ladies looked. BLINKs enthusiastically complimented the ladies, with group member Rosé receiving the high praise of fans saying they suddenly want to take up basketball because of her pictorial.

While most of the outfits stuck to a monochromatic color scheme, Jisoo was the only member with a pastel look, which made sense given that she’s known for her bright personality.

Of course, they couldn’t have her be the odd-man-out and made sure to style her in a classically cool black-and-white Adidas look.

As mentioned earlier, Rosé‘s photos received special attention from fans, with them proclaiming they would taking up basketball after being motivated by her pictures. Although her pictures were subdued, they weren’t able to hide her natural beauty and charm.

One fan even said, “Brb burning all my Nike stuff. I’m an Adidas guy now”

Lisa‘s pictorial was the perfect fit for her, with the bright neon colors reflecting her optimistic personality.

As one of the group’s rappers, the style of the photos had a strong hip-hop vibe and fit her role within the group well.

BLINKs can’t wait to see Jennie‘s pictorial for Adidas, but even with just three members’ photo sets out, it seems like the girls of BLACKPINK have done more for the fitness industry than any athlete in recent memory.