BLACKPINK Share Goals They Want To Achieve This Year

They love BLINKs SO MUCH!

BLACKPINK recently graced fashion magazine Vogue Korea which they slayed as expected.

They also released short videos as part of a mini interview series with each member of the group.

When asked what their goal for this year is, the members answered with their genuine hearts! Jisoo shared that for 2020, she wants to see BLINKs more this year because they have been waiting so long for them.

Because BLINKs have been waiting for us for so long, I want to see them more this year. That’s my dream.

When asked, Lisa shared that for this year she wants to continue being happy and also do her best.

Just being happy, and doing my best.

Rosé answered a similar answer when she was asked the same question, saying she wants to make BLINKs happy.

As always, I want to show my best and make my BLINKs happy.

Jennie was also asked the same question, to which she revealed that she wanted to release an album and make a comeback! She answered without any hesitations!

Album and comeback. That’s it.

The girls feel like they want to see their fans soon through an album and comeback promotions! Not only that, but they also want to make BLINKs happy this year showing just how much they all love their fans!

Watch their full interviews here: