BLACKPINK’s Guitarist Has BLINKs Even More Hopeful For A Lollapalooza And Glastonbury Performance

BLINKs are crossing their fingers for it to be true:

This summer BLACKPINK conquered Coachella, won the world with their In Your Area world tour, burned up the stage at A-Nation, and stole everyone’s breath at the 2019 Summer Sonic Festival.


Now that summer and the music festival season is winding down, everyone is already anticipating where BLACKPINK will bring the heat next year. With BLINKs sincerely hoping for them to perform at some more of the biggest music festivals, they may have just gotten some confirmation.


Jus, a top musician and guitarist who has worked with BLACKPINK extensively, just posted a series of photos and video clips from A-Nation and Summer Sonic including this amazing preview.


Under the post, one BLINK sent out some love and some of their hopes about the possibilities of next year.


While many fans have been crossing their fingers for both of these festivals, the BLINK got a response back that has everyone going wild. Jus responded back to the fan stating that the list keeps simply keeps growing!


Although he may have simply been agreeing with the fan, many fans are sincerely hoping that this is a hint about BLACKPINK’s schedule next year.


Currently, a BLACKPINK appearance at 2020 Lollapalooza or Glastonbury has not been confirmed at all but with so many pure fire performances of BLACKPINK at some of the hottest music festivals this year, next year could very well bring the same!