Jake Gyllenhaal Was Spotted Rocking Out To BLACKPINK And Everyone Is Losing Their Mind

Jake is now a certified BLINK!

Top actor Jake Gyllenhaal recently arrived in South Korea for a special “Spider-Man: Far From Home” event. But he didn’t just delight fans at the event, he also had a special surprise for K-Pop fans.


Since he first arrived, Jake has been having a ton of fun on Instagram sharing his experiences in Seoul including meeting up with his Mysterio doppelganger…


And visiting the famous Seoul sign!

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But there’s one post, in particular, that caught the attention of BLINKs and K-Pop fans everywhere! In one of his Instagram stories, Jake was caught rocking out to BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”…


And even joining in on the opening “BLACKPINK” line!


When the clip was discovered, fans everywhere went through the various stages of their two worlds colliding in the best possible way! It started with shock that this actually happened…


And quickly transformed into some serious love…


Before everyone officially welcomed him into the fandom!


Jake Gyllenhaal showing off his BLINK status is definitely the best thing ever!