BLACKPINK’s Jennie Admitted To Watching Her Own Fancams And Fans Are Loving It

Who wouldn’t watch this though?

With so many legendary fancams on the internet, it’s only natural for fans to wonder if K-Pop idols actually watch their own! One fan left a question for BLACKPINK’s Jennie on Naver V LIVE CHANNEL+…and she responded!

| Nate Pann

Fan: Jennie have you ever watched your own fancam on YouTube? You’re ‘So Hot’ fan cam is really famous!

Jennie: I…I have.


The legendary fancam that they are talking is about is from the 2017 SBS Gayodaejun of Jennie performing “SO HOT.”

| @PaintItBlack_JN /YouTube

After seeing her answer, fans couldn’t contain their excitement at the thought of her watching her own fancam!

  • “‘So Hot’ is a legendary fancam1”
  • “There may be someone that has never seen this fancam, but trust me there isn’t someone that hasn’t seen it just once!”
  • “How can you not watch it! If I was Jennie I would watch it everyday!”

Watch the full fancam below!

Source: nate pann