What’s In The Bag: Here Are The Small Items BLACKPINK’s Jennie Carries Around With Her That You Can Copy

Do you also have a mini lightstick?

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has a busy lifestyle befitting that of a top star. Since she’s always on the go, the items that she takes with her are doubly important. She revealed what these are on Episode 12-4 of BLACKPINK House.

While they were moving around from one schedule to the next, Lisa asked Jennie to share the contents of her bag to BLINKs.

First up was a mini pouch in the shape of a bear. It contained a house key that she apparently never uses, an OTP, and a hair tie.

She also had a mini lightstick in her bag as the big version was “hard to carry around”.

For the secret to her slim jaw, she had a roller on hand. Lisa commented that Jennie has it with her at all times.

Next up, she showed off the only thing she was able to buy in Paris: a pink pack of mini gum.

I have it with me for appearance’s sake.

— Jennie

For the final items in her bag, she had a box of vitamins and a facial mask. It was obvious to her members that Jennie was all about self-care.

After their short conversation, the girls reached their next destination for their “DDU-DU DDU-DU” comeback, a radio show. Now BLINKs know what things Jennie brings on a daily basis—more or less!

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube