BLACKPINK’s Jennie Had The BEST Reaction To Her Celebrity Lookalike

Jennie found her perfect match on Instagram.

Have you ever wondered which celebrity you resemble? BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has!

On Instagram, a Story filter took the platform by storm back in January 2020. “You Look Like…” matches users to their celebrity doppelgänger by placing a sign on their head that cycles through celebrity names until it finds the best match.

On January 31, Jennie tested the filter and found her perfect match! After flashing through celebs, including MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, the filter chose…


Jennie reacted in the cutest possible way. Surprised, she gasped and happily squealed, “yay!”

“You look like…” confirmed what BLINKs already know. Jennie is one of a kind!