Here’s One Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Biggest Regrets Towards Fans Since Her Debut

“This is like a sudden confession.”

BLACKPINK loves their fans so much, they’re constantly trying to improve themselves and offer more content to them. It’s because of this why one of Jennie‘s biggest regrets since her debut has something to do with BLINKs.

Jisoo asked a general question to the group during the prologue of 24/365 with BLACKPINK: “Was there anything you guys wanted to do or show to our fans? Or anything you think our fans would like to see from us?”

Rosé happily answered that BLINKs would love it if they filmed their recording sessions.

I think showing how we have fun together in the recording studio will be fun. I think our fans would really like it.

— Rosé

Afterwards, Jennie explained that a vlog would be the best gift they can give their supporters. Showing them a glimpse into what they do in their daily lives would definitely be something they would appreciate.

It was here where she revealed one of her biggest regrets towards BLINKs: Jennie originally went all out in her preparations for a vlog, only to release nothing.

If I can say one thing that’s in my heart…this is like a sudden confession. Do you guys remember during our tour, I was so into filming vlogs, so I bought a camera? I think I only filmed like 2 minutes.

— Jennie

Not only was it a shame that fans wouldn’t get to see any of the tour’s behind-the-scenes, but she also bought various items to go with the camera.

But because I had to carry it around, I even bought a pretty bag for it. I even bought a key ring for it too.

— Jennie

Jisoo comforted the younger member by reminding her that BLACKPINK will help each other with their future activities.

This time we’re doing it together as a group.

— Jisoo

Rosé also showed her support by saying she will be one of Jennie’s top fans when her vlogs are eventually released: “I’m really looking forward to it. I think I’ll make sure to watch every episode.”

Check out the full episode below!