BLINKs Prove Picking A Single Style For Jennie Is Impossible

They tried picking Jennie’s best hairstyle and it was a lot harder than they thought:

Jennie is always the queen of style. From her head to her toes she always looks so flawless, but that comes with a bit of a dilemma for fans. Since Jennie’s visuals always shine through no matter what, they’ve been having a hard time agreeing on a favorite Jennie hairstyle.


Recently over on Korean web portal Instiz, BLINKs have been trying to figure out which of the many hairstyles Jennie rocked looked best on her. People have been looking at her cute permed ‘do and think it was fit with Jennie’s adorable personality perfectly.


But perhaps nothing is cuter than Jennie in pigtails! As some fans pointed out, Jennie in pigtails went straight past cute and headed for adorable!


They couldn’t believe how flawless Jennie looked with a slight wave in her hair. The subtle look always brings a bit of elegance and fun to Jennie’s whole aesthetic.


On the other hand, when she wears her hair straight her sleek locks are incredibly mesmerizing.


When she takes that sleek look and puts it up into a ponytail…


Or perhaps a bun, well some fans have expressed that it’s all over for them!


And if it wasn’t already hard enough already, every once in a while Jennie will decide to braid her hair!


Let’s be honest, Jennie has rocked every single one which is probably why BLINKs really couldn’t pick a single hairdo that fit her perfectly because they’re all perfect!