BLINKs Just Discovered Jennie’s Mini-Me And The Resemblance Is Unreal

They have to be related at least, right?

One little girl has taken the BLINK fandom by storm with her outstanding visuals that match BLACKPINK Jennie‘s so well that fans are already calling her Jennie’s mini-me!


Meet Park Ji Woo! She’s a Korean child model…


Successful beauty and lifestyle Youtuber…




And Jennie’s mini-me!


Although Ji Woo has been active in the industry for a while and successfully established her Instagram and Youtube channels back in October 2018, BLINKs recently discovered her after she posted beauty tutorial for Jennie’s “Kill This Love” look.


Her visuals matched Jennie’s so perfectly that it immediately caught the attention of BLINKs everywhere and soon everyone was talking about Ji Woo!


Since then, BLINKs have been going crazy for her uncanny resemblance to Jennie and have been showing her a whole lot of love and support too!


The resemblance really is unreal! To see even more Ji Woo, check out the video that first caught BLINKs attention below:


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