BLACKPINK’s Jennie Came For Everyone’s Heart With Her New Shoulder-Length Hair

BLINKs are already in love with Jennie’s new look:

On October 26, BLACKPINK performed for the Paradise City VIP Stage at the Incheon Paradise City Hotel and from the moment BLINKs caught sight of Jennie, they were feeling very attacked!


Showcasing a brand new shoulder-length black bob, Jennie looked fresh, sweet, and chic!


While fans absolutely love Jennie’s long hair, they were blown away by how amazing Jennie looks with short hair too!


The fabulous new look had an immediate effect on fans who experienced a series of emotions thanks to her new look! BLINKs first experienced symptoms of breathlessness from her goddess visuals…


Then they experienced a little jealousy since Jennie can pull off long and short hair so effortlessly.


And finally, they were left feeling very overwhelmed by her beauty!


Jennie truly can pull off any style, color, and cut and bring some serious heat!