BLACKPINK’s Jennie Decided to Leave Her Skirt at Home for Recent Chanel Event

Jennie very well knew that that skirt was unnecessary.

The Chanel Pharrell Williams Capsule Collection Launch Event was recently held in Seoul, Korea, and it was attended by many famous Korean idols dressed up in fashionable outfits.

Among them, the “Human Chanel” which is Jennie, appeared wearing a gorgeous yellow dress and captivated all those who were watching.

Jennie flaunted the fairly short one-piece dress that shined even brighter thanks to her beauty and Barbie-like figure.

But it turns out, there was a small secret hidden underneath this stunning outfit, and that’s this outfit was originally created as a two-piece outfit.

At the Chanel Spring Summer 2019 Ready To Wear fashion show that was held last October, the model who wore this outfit accompanied it with a matching skirt.

It appears that Jennie decided to omit this part and show off her gorgeous legs, which goes to show her strong sense of individuality as well as knowledge of what works for her frame.

Source: Insight