BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reacts To A Fan Confessing They Committed A “Crime”

She’s too cute ❤️

BLACKPINK recently held their 2021 Season’s Greetings virtual fan sign, where they conversed with fans and answered questions about themselves.

A BLINK startled Jennie with a surprising confession—that they went to a police station! They insisting that they were telling the truth: “This isn’t a joke. It’s real. Recently, I went to the police station“.

Jennie couldn’t believe her ears, her expression changing to skepticism. The fan further explained what happened: “I committed a crime“.

Suddenly, however, a very familiar song started playing.

The crime of loving you too much. Because of you, because of that crime, I’m suffering from waiting…

— FT Island’s “Lovesick”

Jennie immediately laughed out loud when she realized what the fan had meant and started dancing along to the song.

She ended by jokingly scolding the fan, saying they should “be careful”.

Next time, be careful.

— Jennie

Watch Jennie’s adorable reaction for yourself in the full clip below!

Source: @xx_turtle_