Jennie Cried and Revealed That She Hadn’t Eaten This Dish in 5 Months

She had been seriously missing out for 5 whole months.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie blessed us with yet another eating show.

On a recent episode of Village Survival, the Eight, Jennie boiled water in a cauldron with Song Kang.

When they fanned the cauldron and steam came out of it, Jennie shed tears as she said, “My eyes are burning.

Yoo Jae Suk then joined them and commented, “You two look like you’re shooting a drama.

When Yang Se Hyung tried to butt in, Song Dambi told him, “Get lost“, which made everyone laugh.

That’s when Jennie’s eating show began. She tasted the ramen and added:

“This is delicious. I haven’t had ramen in 5 months.”

Check out Jennie’s adorable cooking show in the clip below:

Source: Dispatch