This Special Moment From BLACKPINK’s Seoul Concert Will Warm Your Heart

When Jennie broke down, her members were there for her.

On November 10 and 11, BLACKPINK held their first solo concert in Seoul, BLACKPINK 2018 TOUR [IN YOUR AREA] SEOUL x BC CARD.  


Although the concert was filled with many unforgettable moments…


…one particular moment has been warming the hearts of BLINKs around the globe.


On the second and final day of BLACKPINK’s Seoul show, Jennie became emotional during the encore performance of “Stay”.


As she sang, Jennie’s eyes filled with tears, and her voice broke.


Both BLINKs and Jennie’s members were quick to comfort her. After Jennie stopped singing, BLINKs gave a supportive cheer as Lisa reached out to rub Jennie’s back.


As the song went on, Jennie couldn’t stop her tears from flowing. Lisa continued to comfort Jennie by putting her arm around Jennie’s shoulders.


Rosé and Jisoo took care of Jennie by moving closer to her and paying attention to her mood throughout the performance.


Jisoo even switched places, in order to be by Jennie’s side.


She wiped away Jennie’s tears and watched over her like the loving older sister she is.


At the very end of the performance, Rosé put her arm around Jennie’s shoulders as a lift lowered the members below the stage. With her members by her side, Jennie smiled through her tears and waved to the audience one more time.


Like the song says, fans hope these loving friends will always “Stay” together!


To see more of BLACKPINK’s beautiful encore, check out the clip here.