BLACKPINK Jennie Reveals Why She Doesn’t Wear Jewelry In Her Daily Life

She rarely reaches for them to complete her everyday looks for a reason.

Despite being the face of many brands and always styled in the most luxurious clothing and accessories, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie doesn’t approach her everyday style with the same level of detail.

During a fun interview with W Korea, Jennie shared that jewelry wasn’t a part of her daily outfits and the understandable reason why.


Wanting to know more about Jennie’s accessories, the magazine asked, “What are the pieces of jewelry that you usually wear?” She revealed that it wasn’t a staple she used often. “In fact, I don’t really wear jewelry normally.

Whenever Jennie did feel the rare need to include jewelry in her looks, she kept it simple and limited it to her fingers: “I like to wear rings. I especially wear CHANEL’s COCO CRUSH every day.

There was a particular reason Jennie stayed away from wearing jewelry in her daily life, though.

Like many people can relate to, Jennie confessed that she’s often misplacing and losing things. Rings lessened the chance of doing so, “Since I lose stuff a lot of times, I would just wear a ring.

Since many of her jewelry pieces are expensive, it’s understandable that she’d want to eliminate the possibility of losing them.

| jennierubyjane/Instagram

Whether she’s decked out in flashy jewelry or keeping it to a minimum, both sides of Jennie are stunning.


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