The Way Jennie Eats Chicken Skewers Is How Everyone Should Eat Chicken Skewers

We can learn a thing or two from Jennie.

YG Entertainment recently uploaded footage of Jennie‘s solo activity to BLACKPINK‘s official YouTube account named ‘SOLO DIARY 5-1’.

In the footage, Jennie can be seen during the filming of her ‘SOLO’ music video.

During break time, Jennie recharged by eating a chicken skewer to fill her stomach.

She must have been hungry because she put on a full-on eating show.

In particular, the way her cheeks blew up every time she took a bite was found to be adorable by viewers.

From the back, she looked just like the cartoon character, Jjanggu.

However, Jennie couldn’t care less and continued to fill her cheeks with chicken skewers.

In contrast to her thin waist and long legs, her cheeks pop out quite a bit when she eats, which is a charm that her fans did not expect.

Fans who saw her Jjanggu cheeks thought she was lovable and showed very warm responses.

Source: Insight