BLACKPINK’s Jennie Explains How She Injured Her Leg

“This is so stupid, I don’t even know how to explain.”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie surprised fans with a recent Instagram live. She blessed everyone with a glimpse of them working in the studio for their upcoming comeback.

There was a particular reason why Jennie sat in front of the camera and began recording, which could’ve been noticed from the recent photos of her.

Standing up and placing her leg on the table, she revealed her injured foot in a cast, “I turned on the live to explain something. The thing I’m explaining is… Everyone, I hurt my leg.”

After laughing at the situation, Jennie decided she should explain how he became injured. She urged Jisoo to help her tell the story, one that turned out to be rather lighthearted. “I feel like I have to tell how it went. Sit with me Jisoo unnie, and let’s talk about this.”

Doing her part, Jisoo pretended to hold a microphone up for Jennie as she began to lay out the story. “While I was on break, I worked out very hard. Yes, I was on fire!” Jisoo had to interject.

Although Jennie felt invincible from all the exercise she was powering through, Jisoo had warned her, “I told you to be careful.”

Jennie didn’t listen, “Even though unnie said that, I ignored [it] and kept working [out]. After finishing pilates during the daytime, that didn’t feel [like] enough for me. I wanted to sweat more… I recently bought a running machine, so I decided to go on it [and run].”

She couldn’t hold back her laughter over how she’s managed to injure herself, “This is so stupid, I don’t even know how to explain. So, I was running. And, yes. I tripped myself. On my own ankle. Now my ligament is a little hurt. It’s a pity. So, now I need crutches…just for a while…”

Jennie reassured BLINKs she was taking measures to help her healing and how it wouldn’t cause any problems with their upcoming comeback.

But, don’t worry everyone. This is why I turned a live stream on today. It’s already been a few weeks, so I’m getting better. Like, really better. And, it won’t affect the comeback. So, don’t worry guys. I’m doing some rehabilitation treatment, and it’s going very well.

Since she still has schedules to attend, Jennie wanted everyone not to worry if she walks a bit oddly. Until she’s fully healed, she’ll be using the support of her crutches when necessary.

I have an event coming up next week. And, if you guys see me limp a little bit, it’ll be great if you can ignore it. Yeah, just ignore me. It’s okay. I feel very stupid about tripping myself over. But, it happened.

Fortunately, Jennie wasn’t seriously injured by the fall. She has nothing to be ashamed of, either. Everyone can be a little clumsy. Listen to her update fans on the healing injury here.