The Time A Fan Gave BLACKPINK’s Jennie The Exact Gift She Always Wanted…And Her Reaction Said It All

He hit the bullseye.

Some fans just know the best things to bring along with them to fansigns! Back when BLACKPINK still had in-person fan meetings, BLINKs used to give them a variety of presents.


One astute fan found the right present to give after watching Episode 8 of BLACKPINK House. Here, the girls visited a mall to fill in their new dorm with necessities. Though they were 22 years old at the time of filming, Jennie and Lisa naturally gravitated towards the toy section.

There was one particular item that caught Jennie’s eye. She exclaimed, “Hey, look at this! Let’s buy this!”

It was none other than a cotton candy machine! She pointed to it and gushed over how cute it was.

It seemed like the other toys also got her attention, but she left the aisle empty handed.

Lisa comforted her by commenting, “Remember Children’s Day, it’s coming up,” as if to hint that she’ll get her toys later on because she’s a kid as well. Jennie agreed, saying that she felt “like a child” again.

Fortunately for Jennie, the eagle-eyed fan was willing to find the exact item she pointed to and he brought it to her as a gift during a fansign. From Jennie’s reaction, it was clear that she couldn’t believe her eyes!

She bowed her head in amusement while continuing to laugh aloud.

Though BLACKPINK’s manager was on the lookout to stop fans from giving gifts according to the rules, Jennie made it clear from her expression that this one was special.

One thing’s for sure: she loved it!

Source: YouTube