BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals The Favorite Food She’s Been Eating Every Day

She always starts her day with the healthy snack.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie may be busy gracing the cover of magazines like Harper’s Bazaar Korea and breaking records in one of the most well-known girl groups but always makes time to start her day off with her favorite food.

| jennierubyjane/Instagram

During a behind-the-scenes interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea, the magazine asked if there was a favorite food that Jennie was hooked on lately. One instantly popped into the idol’s mind.

While others prefer something they can’t necessarily eat all the time as their favorite, Jennie went in a healthy direction. She’s been enjoying “a Greek yogurt.

Her daily pilates workout led to her newfound love for the food. Jennie said, “Before I go to pilates, when I’m really hungry… There’s a Greek yogurt place cafe right next to the pilates studio.

Since the food is tasty and healthy, there wasn’t a better way for Jennie to start her day. She said, “That place is really good. So I’m having one every day these days.

No wonder Jennie has such a slim figure. Check out Jennie’s love for the healthy and versatile food here.